About Us

Established in 1995, Locks Constructions has risen from humble beginnings to become one of the Wimmera’s most well known and respected building firms.

Louis Krelle, Stephen Wik and Craig O’Connor, as three local Horsham builders, identified that most contracts for the larger commercial projects in the region were being won by outside firms, from as far away as Melbourne and Adelaide. It was for this reason that the concept of a partnership was suggested between the three builders and their wives. The partnership was formed soon after, with “LOCKS” Constructions, the composite of the three partner’s initials, proposed as the name for the fledgling firm.

The formation of Locks allowed for a pooling of resources, enabling competitive tendering against metro firms, and ultimately increasing business opportunities for other local businesses.

The early years had their fair share of obstacles to overcome. Distance from specialist suppliers in the cities, tendering processes from government departments requiring submissions to metro offices, and the general teething problems of starting a new business were all faced by Locks.
But the persistence of all those involved was rewarded. Recognition of the firm and its high standard of work in the area grew, with Locks receiving many awards over the years.

As the number of projects Locks won increased, so too did the number of staff and resources available to them.

Today, Locks Constructions has a large team of Carpenters, Bricklayers and Concreters, as well as several apprentices. Locks also have an in-house ArchiCAD design service available, providing clients with the option of a complete design and construction package.

With an established office in Baillie Street Horsham, and a yard at King Drive industrial estate in Horsham, Locks Constructions is the leading firm for Horsham and district in the construction of architecturally designed commercial and domestic projects.